Wednesday, December 30, 2015


A Guy Graeme (mid 20's) needs a kidney and woman Sara Lee (also mid 20's) she doesn't know and decides to donate a kidney as a good deed of Karma she says. And as luck may have it. He ends up getting it. Later on they have a chance encounter and from there a romance sparks from it.

But the two have plenty of problems to deal with that are in their ways. Can they make it happen? Or is it just not meant to be after all?

Like a bunch of my other screenplays. I've got some people to read them. And they really enjoyed them. This would be a PG-13. There isn't that much cursing in this one. It's mainly a sweet love story between two lost souls that didn't know each other. That is until fate touched down upon them.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Goodbye's and Hello's

This is the story of A teenage boy is about to profess his undying love for the girl he's loved even before he was suppose to love them. But one small problem. She moves away to become an actress, and in the course. She becomes one of the most famous actresses in the world due to a series of movies.

But fate has a funny sense of humor. 10 years later she is back in town to film her new movie. And he has a second chance at telling her what he didn't get to say the
first time over 10 years ago. But there is only one thing standing in his way of a fairytale storybook ending. Her British Rock Star douchebag boyfriend Anthony John.

It's also sorta a what if scenario if you lived next door to a girl you loved all your life. And the flash forward so many years later. To see she's become one of the most famous actresses in the world. And you had a second chance at telling her how you felt over the years.

I've gotten two great reviews for this so far. Saying its by far my sweetest and touching script yet to date. And that's coming from someone who loved my other script Life As Liz. And they loved that one. So shows you that I'm doing something right here with this one.

It shows you the feelings that you could have for someone. and all it takes is that one special day or night to bring back all those feelings you had for them many years ago.

Lost in Paradise

This is Almost sorta like a female version of Wedding Crashers. But something different yet at the same time.

The two main female characters Al and Eliza are crude , but not to the point where they're undateable. Women are often like men, where they have difficulty with commitment in relationships, and that should be displayed in a film like that. It's the perfect flipside to how weddings are portrayed by men.

An aspect could be where one of the girls has slept with a crazy amount of guys, but feels she's done too much damage as a single woman to ever be considered "wifey material" by a great man, who winds up being "the one." So men just see her as a possible one night. A pre show before the main event you could say.

It'll be crude and expletive. But one of the two main characters is more out there than the other to differentiate the two. As far as reasons go, maybe one of them is basically a girl who likes commitment free no strings attached sex.  And can never commit to one person for more than a night or a week, while the other only had one steady boyfriend for over 10 years, but he cheated on her, so her heart was broken harshly, never to trust men again other than the occasional one night stand. Because all she's ever dated were jerks before.

Hawaii is used as part of the plot. Like so many people go there for weddings and the girls pick up on the guys as potential one night stands. Because they know the guys won't be around long. People are always having weddings there. So they can have their pick of the litter.

Their jobs are wedding planners. So that's how they meet so many guys.

I've had one good review on this. They liked it, but didn't totally love it. So I need to look over some of the dialogue and tone it back a bit. Other than that I'm good so far on what I'm told from it. In the script it's mentioned a few times that Hawaii is like Paradise. So I guess it's only fitting then why its called Lost In Paradise. People get lost in their heads trying to escape to Paradise for a bit.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Life As Liz

Now this is what I feel is my most favorite screenplay out of them all. I've put the most work and care into this one. Going through 5 different drafts and a polish job from someone who read it and loved it. But they looked through it and helped me out a bit.

The story is about a very good looking girl. She dresses and looks beautiful. But acts like a dude. She farts and burps more than any guy, has the messiest apartment ever. Says the most raunchiest things. She's like this cause she was raised with 4 brothers and is the youngest But has to take on the duties of running the family business. Especially since her dad dies, and her mom sits there in a coma like state. Along with her brothers being useless. She has alot to deal with. Both work and her personal life Because who she is and how she acts.

She has trouble with men. Because I'm sure it doesn't matter how hot a girl is. There's only so much a guy can take of it. But it's not her fault. That's just how she was raised.

This only leaves her with one option. Internet dating. She strikes up a internet relationship with this one guy (RUSSELL) This is because her brothers set up a dating profile as a joke. but she figured why not? What's the worse that can happen? They've never met only talked online via skype.

All is going good until he finally wants to meet her in person. She keeps saying no. But realizes that if she keeps saying no. He'll stop talking to her and she really likes him. So she agrees to it. Even though she knows it's not a good idea. He's from a different state, so he makes plans to arrive to meet her the next month when he's in town on business. So with the short amount of time she has before her "internet Bo" arrives. She uses that time to become more lady like with the help of her friend and brothers.

It'll almost in a way be like those Melissa McCarthy movies where she plays the character. But instead of a slob like character. It'll be a good looking girl instead. I mean think about it. You never really see anything like this. It's either a guy like Zach Galafankis or what Melissa McCarthy does in every single one of her movies. You can't say she doesn't. Cause she really does.

Elizabeth "Liz" Fitzpatrick (Main Female Character)
Russell (Main Male Lead Who talks to Liz online)
The Main family and friends live in Boston and have the Bostonian Accents.
They have a family like in the Fighter. But it's just one female in all male family.

As I said the film takes place in Boston. Her 4 brothers are Red Sox fans. Russell likes The Yankees and her brothers give her a hard time for dating a Yankees fan. (Even if he is from the West Coast) Seeing how much bad blood there is between the two teams and their respective fans. The brothers pick on both her and him when he arrives.
There's also references to The New England Patriots, Tom Brady and his wife Gisele.

Three big set pieces that include something happening in a parking lot at a tailgating event at Fenway Park before a Sox/Yankees game. A very romantic basketball scene that consists of Strip Horse and at a Karaoke Bar that involves singing Pat Benatar, Foreigner and Joan Jett songs. There's also this funny pizza scene. That's best if read.

I've got very excellent reviews from this. 7 out of 8 people loved it. and the person who didn't care for it said they liked the characters even if they didn't like the story for it.

Here is the most glowing review yet for this.

"Okay, finished reading your script in full (sorry for the delay), and while I had my doubts about the somewhat excessive profanity earlier on in the story, the rest of the screenplay turned to be a wonderful and entertaining comedy that had as much heart as it did humor. Once Russell met Liz and they began their friendship/romance, I was immediately hooked.

The one thing I especially liked about their romance, especially the climax, was that it was the woman chasing after the guy in the end, not the other way around, which has always been the norm in Hollywood. That was refreshing to see. It kinda felt like What's Your Number? in a way, with Anna Faris and Chris Evans. But you put your own cool twist on it by having the two be this wacky, geeky, yet madly-in-love couple who didn't have to end up together in the typical, cliché fashion of romance films.

The brothers were all funny as hell, and truly felt like the big brothers I expected them to be.

Denise was the perfect type of best friend for Liz who would help give her advice, yet be as vulgar and crazy as she was.

Russell's backstory brought everything together as to why he was kind of cool and reserved, and not just fawning over Liz right off the bat.

Loved how Liz's mother remained sorta comatose throughout the whole thing, only to wait until that right moment at the end to deliver her first line, which would ultimately help her daughter choose her path of happiness. Great mother/daughter moment at the end.

My only minor gripes were:
  • Liz and Denise's conversations going slightly long.
  • Liz's quirky, signature laugh after many scenes. Some scenes had great comedic one-liners that could've wrapped the scene up there, without the extra dialogue and laughing.
  • Liz somewhat matured and improved with her ladylike qualities, but again, perhaps condensing the cursing, especially from Russell, would've helped balance out the two personalities.

All in all though, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this script, since I'm a personal Yankee fan, and kinda despise Red Sox fans, but somewhere in the midst of all the potty humor, there was a great emotional story in there as well. You're well on track to making amazing scripts, and I look forward to seeing what else you have in store."

So as I mentioned at the start. This would have to be my favorite screenplay that I've written at the moment. I have plenty of other ideas for screenplays. All dealing in their own different genres.

I currently started a female comedy screenplay. So that should keep me busy for some time now.

Misery Loves Company

Misery Loves Company is the story A Brother and Sister swap bodies in a weird occurrence. Popular cheerleader TRISH and her less popular Brother ZACH who's the third string back up Quarterback mainly due to his sister popularity.

Through this they find out it's not to so easy living the other half as they once thought. It'll be a lot like 80's teen comedies/late 90's teen comedies. Raunchy with heart.

So would also have to be in my top 5 favorite screenplays I've done so far. Some of the scenes in this are so far over the top you won't believe they said that or went there.

This also has gotten very positive reviews. Matter of fact. Here is a quick review from someone who loved it.

The R-rated version of Freaky Friday. It's Everything I wanted Freaky Friday to be.
I just finished Misery Loves Company. Started reading it this morning when I got up, and finished in about an hour. It flew by because I was enjoying it so much. This is definitely your best script from what I have read! It is so funny, I can promise you I laughed more than a few times.

You don't know how good this script is! Its entertaining, its funny, its raunchy, its badass. I can see this being a really popular comedy if it was made. You seriously should get this read by more people!

10 out of f*cking 10! Really good job."

This would have to be at least in my top 3 of favorite screenplays I've done currently.